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Eterni's Cookie Policy

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The websites covered by this cookie policy are operated and owned by:

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If you have any questions about Eterni’s cookie policy, you can contact the e-mail address provided above.

What are cookies and the purpose of cookies?

Cookies are small text files that the website can place on your computer’s hard drive, smartphone, or other electronic device. However, the word “cookies” in this cookie policy and in the consent, also means other forms of automatic data collection, e.g., Web Storage (HTML5), Javascript or cookies set using other software. The word cookies also include information about the MAC address and other information about your device.

Cookies can be used both by Eterni and by third parties (see cookie overview). There are two types of cookies, “temporary” and “permanent”. The temporary cookies are linked to the current visit to the website and are automatically deleted when you close your web browser. On the other hand, the permanent cookies will be stored on your device. Permanent cookies delete themselves after a certain period but are renewed each time you visit the website.

Eterni uses cookies for the following purposes. You can opt in and out of the various cookie types, except necessary cookies, in our cookie banner:


Necessary cookies help make a website usable by enabling basic functions, such as page navigation and access to secure areas of the website, e.g., your Eterni profile. The website cannot function optimally without these cookies.


We collect information about your preferred settings and choices on the website. We do this to be able to show you the version of the website that suits your preferences.


We collect information about how you interact with the website; including how often you visit it, how ling you visit the site, and which pages you look at. We do this to optimize design and User-friendliness and strengthen the website's effectiveness.


We collect information about your interests, e.g., which pages you visit on this and other websites, which ads you click on, and which of our services you show interest in, including job types. We do this to be able to target content and ads so that it matches your preferences.

Processing of personal data using cookies

Eterni’s use of cookies may result in the processing of personal data, and we therefore recommend that you also read our privacy policy, which describes our processing of personal data and your rights.

Revocation of cookie consent

If you do not want Eterni to set or read cookies on your device, you can revoke or change your consent at any time by changing the settings here, just as you can block cookies in your browser. How you block cookies depends on which browser you use. Remember that if you use several browsers, you must change or revoke your in all browsers or block cookies in all browsers.

How you block cookies onwhich browser you use 

Remember that if you use several browsers, you must change or revoke your consent in all browsers or block cookies in all browsers.

How do I block cookies?

If you use a PC/computer with a newer internet browser, you can delete your cookies by using the shortcut keys CTRL + SHIFT + Delete. If it doesn’t work, you can find instructions via the links below:

Bear in mind: if you use several browsers, you must block cookies in all of them.

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