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Our most important task is to connect you and your needs with the right company, both short- and long-term, full-time or part-time. Take advantage of an opportunity to grow - we're here for you.

Production, Warehouse & Logistics

Do you want a job in production and industry?

For over a decade, Eterni has supplied a wide range of employees in production and industry to a wide range of companies. We supply, among other things, personnel in production, warehouses, drivers, freight forwarders, and charterers.

We have many jobs in everything from food production, and especially the fishing industry. But also within industry and production, as well as chartering, storage, and logistics.

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Office, IT, and Finance

Are you looking for a job in the White Collar industry?

Our White Collar department covers a wide range of jobs within the office sector.

Among other things, we can offer jobs in industries such as IT, which include frontend and backend developers, designers, testers, security consultants, and analysts. Tech, which includes a wide range of engineers, Economics, and Finance, which covers all types of advisers, payroll consultants, business developers, and controllers.

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Construction and Energy

Do you lack a job in construction, energy, or technical subjects?

Eterni supplies skilled workers in construction and energy throughout the country.

We can offer jobs to the energy sector, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, construction and infrastructure workers, ISO trades workers, and most of the installation and technical trades, both for the SME industry and on/offshore.

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Do you need a job within Service?

We have many jobs for personnel with experience in cleaning, canteens, janitors, receptionists, damage repairers, trade fair personnel, etc.

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